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Hi! I am Tatiana Guccione


I come from a very creative and adventurous background, with lots of traveling abroad, seeing all sorts of exotic locales.

I have 15 years of photography experience, in front of and behind the camera. I am very engaging and have a taste for the theatrics.

I have constructed inventive and elaborate costuming, accompanied by endless ideas that cater towards the fun and artistic.

I bring a great sense of humor and excitement to the scene.

This will bring the best out of us and give you the quality in imagery you desire!

I'm Neil Ward

I am a native to the Arizona desert and my creative endeavors have changed as I have gotten older.

I have learned to appreciate the little things more than ever. Creativity is always an ongoing pursuit and I keep experiencing it the more I see through a camera and those who model for me.

Why do this?

Coming from an art background in illustration, graphic design as well as model making, photography is a constant challenge. There’s nothing like shooting new places, friendly faces and unexpected moments that tend to appear out of nowhere!

The partnership in TNT is about having each others back Througout the process. The creativity gives a perspective that is implimented to every project.

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